Employers in England rate qualified apprentices 15% more employable than those with other qualifications

Three Qualified Apprentices working for  Vital Space



ICM Research recently conducted an ad-hoc survey on behalf of the National Apprenticeship Service.

They interviewed 500 people in England who have a decision making role in recruitment.

The research took place in February 2013 and employers were asked to rate the employability of people with different qualifications on a scale of 1-10.

The research revealed that higher apprentices with relevant work experience are the most employable at 7.98 on the ten point scale.

They were followed by university graduates at 7.58. And apprenticeships with level 3 qualifications plus relevant work experience of at least 12 months were also seen as very employable, scoring 7.24 on the scale.

All the qualifications were rated as follows:

– Higher (degree level) Apprenticeship   7.98
– University degree   7.58
– Advanced (Level 3) Apprenticeship   7.24
– Intermediate (Level 2) Apprenticeship   6.86
– Level 3 vocational qualification   6.63
– A-Levels   6.28