Dos and Don’ts for office phone calls

Office Phone Calls

There are many dos and many don’ts for taking a phone call in the office. Having a good phone call is essential as it can be the difference between getting a sale or getting a complaint. As The Apprentice Academy offers office based apprenticeships, we know how important phone calls are, so with that in mind, here are some dos and don’ts for office phone calls!


Smile when taking the call

Obviously, the person your speaking to on the phone can’t see you, but it is said that people can tell when you’re smiling when on the phone. This is to do with the tone of your voice, and people can actually tell when you have your ‘Smile Tone’ on, so smile!

Ask questions

This allows for you to understand a few extra details about the caller and why they are actually calling. Simple things like ‘Where are you calling from?’ just to get a clear understanding of why they have phoned up.

Make them feel welcome

Saying ‘Good Morning,’ and generally being polite to the caller to make them feel welcome is always good. If they are nervous calling, they will be put more at ease for a start and not only that, but you a more likely to leave the customer happy by the end of the call, making your company look better in the long run.

Be patient with the caller

If you seem unhappy and frustrated with the caller and it shows, they’re not going to be happy by the end of the phone call. Just be patient, and try to deal with their query to the best of your ability.

Mention your company name

People can accidentally call the wrong number you know. It happens. Making it clear about who the caller has got through to is helpful for everyone involved! Then you can proceed.


Eat or drink while on the phone

Put it this way you don’t talk with your mouth full in person, so why would you do it over the phone. It’s quite rude for a start, plus how are people going to understand what you are saying if you have Doritos in your mouth?


Again, you want people to understand what you are saying and mumbling over the phone isn’t going to achieve that. Speak at the right volume and in a clear tone, to ensure that everything that you say is understood. Phone connections can make it hard to understand everything you are saying anyway; mumbling will make that worse.

‘Kick off’

Probably the most obvious piece of advice on this list. If you Kick Off in a phone call, nothing good is going to come out of it. You’ll lose a potential customer, your businesses reputation will suffer and you’ll probably get shouted at by people in your office. Don’t do it.

Give quick and hasty answers

You want to help the person that is phoning up and giving them quick and hasty answers is not the way to go about it. It sounds like you don’t want to be on the phone to them, which isn’t the best customer service. You want to give the customer the best experience possible, as well as making sure that they get what they called for, if that requires you to give a longer answer, then that’s just the way it is.

Use slang words

It would be a bit unprofessional if you said words like ‘Sick.’ And hey who knows, the person on the other end of the phone might think that you are feeling sick rather than saying the slang word! It’s about making sure you come across as professional and giving off the right impression to the caller.

There are some Dos and Don’ts for taking phone calls in your office, any other you would put on this list? Hopefully this has been useful for you and you’ll be able to answer the phone with ease!