We can all learn from apprenticeships

It’s not just young people who stand to prosper from Britain’s apprenticeship scheme; over recent years I’ve come to recognise that businesses can also gain enormous benefits both by helping and learning from the youngsters they take on.

My name is Tracey Rush, a director at AsOne Design, which is a full service creative and digital marketing agency based on the outskirts of Manchester, and over recent years we have recruited and helped to develop a number of apprentices.  Mostly, I have to say, with remarkable success.


One of our current apprentices is Lauren, who came to us via The Apprentice Academy to work within our social media department.  Since her introduction around 6 months ago Lauren has become such an important member of our team that both she and ourselves are now looking forward with confidence to when she graduates with her Level 3 NVQ qualification and becomes a permanent member of the AsOne Design team.


Lauren’s apprenticeship has undoubtedly been the key to what surely will be the beginning of a most promising career within the digital marketing profession and without this valuable ‘stepping stone’ she, like so many of today’s young school and college leavers, may have struggled to find entry into the real world of work.


It’s fairly obvious how a young person can benefit from Britain’s apprenticeship scheme.  They get to experience life within a real working environment; they obtain help in developing their own skills and learn new ones from the people around them.  An apprenticeship also puts them on the first crucial rung of their career ladder; the main benefit, enabling the apprentice to enter the world of business at an early age, an opportunity that would probably not be open to them via the traditional transition from education to employment.


From our point of view as an employer, an apprenticeship offers a number of important benefits.  With the advantage of funding availability and help from delivery organisations such as The Apprentice Academy we can afford to take on and train more young people than we would be able to without this support.  We also find that young people who have a genuine interest in digital marketing are, thanks to their previous involvement in online activity such as Twitter, Facebook and other web based platforms, are very often able to bring fresh ideas and approaches to the work place.


We have even found that for some young people their goal can quickly change as the apprenticeship opens their eyes to the full scope of the profession.  One trainee we took on as an apprentice graphic designer for instance, quickly realised that he had an untapped talent for analytical reporting and although he did not have the full range of skills required for a role in digital marketing, he discovered that he did have an aptitude and ability to thrive in other areas; which later took his career into a new direction with his newly developed skills.  Without this work-based experience such as that we offer at AsOne Design, he would never have identified or achieved that transition.


At AsOne Design we work with a wide range of clients from blue chip organisations to sole trader businesses and we offer a broad scope of services that include traditional media as well as digital marketing services.  This provides an ideal training ground for any young person who is willing to learn, step up to new challenges and who has the ambition to progress. The apprenticeship scheme is a recruiting strategy that we fully embrace and will undoubtedly continue to buy into.


At the moment we are looking to recruit two further apprentices, one within administration and a one to join our studio team, suitable for someone who wants to develop a career in website design or online marketing; covering social media and paid advertising.  No doubt we will be talking once again to The Apprentice Academy very shortly.


AsOne Design can be contacted on 0161 368 9100, via email: here@asone.co.uk, or through our website at: www.asone.co.uk.