Business Admin Apprenticeship – 5 Reasons to get onboard

Business Admin Apprenticeship

Here at The Apprentice Academy we believe that Apprenticeships are a natural stepping stone for anyone wanting to kickstart their career and get into the world of work. There was a time when Apprenticeships were seen only for people who couldn’t get the grades to go to University but in all honesty, this has become less and less the case. With the introduction of the new Business Admin Apprenticeship Standards and the Apprenticeship Levy more and more people are seeing Apprenticeships for what they truly are, a real alternative to further education which in many cases is giving people a better head start in the world of work.

This is why our most popular and successful qualification is still our Business Admin Apprenticeship. By focusing on a range of work-based skills such as; communication, Word Processing, and Customer Service this Apprenticeship is the perfect platform for anyone wanting to start their career in an office environment.

As well as a vast amount of skills Apprentices are heavily supported by their employers and offered fantastic opportunities. Considering some of the businesses The Apprentice Academy works with organisations such as; Network Rail and LadBible the future progression is very exciting.

If you’re still not 100% check out our video looking at our top 5 reasons to do a Business Admin Apprenticeship.

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