Apprenticeship Q & A – with Director of Accountancy Firm

The Apprentice Academy recently caught up with Jason Kings – Director of Accountancy firm Ascendis; to find out how he started, his career in Accountancy.

Can you tell us how you developed your knowledge and skills within accountancy?

“I started my learning journey by doing an AAT apprenticeship. I started with the Level 2 and then progressed through all the levels, which helped me to become fully AAT qualified. My initial employer gave me day release for 2 years, however when I moved company, my next employer didn’t offer day release, so I studied 2 nights a week for 18 months.”

What sort of accounts duties did you have as an apprentice?

“General accountancy duties from balancing a bank account, summaries, analysis, and all postings up to a draft TB. From this, my manager would review and I would make the necessary adjustments on the ETB.

Other duties included photocopying, bank runs (when there was cheques and cash which seems a long time ago), general administration and most importantly brew rounds!”

How did your experience on your apprenticeship feed into your job role today?

“Although the work is completely different, what I gathered being an apprentice has put me in good stead for my role today. This includes application, endeavour and time keeping.”

Tell us about your current workplace and what it’s like to be a director there?

“At Ascendis we cover all matters financial. What sets us apart from other accountants is our philosophy of total involvement with our client’s affairs and the wide range of specialist services that we provide.

Ascendis is an established firm of accountants, with offices based in Manchester and Cheshire, providing expertise in accountancy & taxation solutions and commercial business advisory services.

Our team have years of experience gained in professional practice and industry, this combined with a passion to provide a service with a difference means we are more than confident we can have a positive impact on your business.

Our aim is the pursuit of professional excellence, by the means of offering a unique and quality service, the best commercial and technical advice, both delivered in the most efficient way.”

What’s it like to hire your own apprentices now?

“Rewarding when you see that apprentice grow by means of client involvement, workloads and therefore being promoted. It’s nice to see which is why we take on apprentices every year.”

What do you look for when hiring apprentices?

“The same as what was required from me. Application, endeavour and time keeping. If an apprentice has these, we can give them the knowledge so they can grow.”

Can you compare life as a director to life as an apprentice?

“The workloads and roles are totally different, however the application, endeavour and timekeeping is the same. This was drilled into me as an apprentice (and growing up from parents) which will remain with me.”

A big thank you to Jason for speaking to us about his career journey!

About Accounting Apprenticeship opportunities

You can learn about starting the AAT level 2/3 apprenticeship, known as the Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship here. There is also the potential to progress to AAT level 4, known as the Professional Accountant Apprenticeship. Both of which are delivered by The Apprentice Academy.