‘You Said, We Did’ – Apprentice Six-Month Journey Survey Feedback

A big thank you to the apprentices who completed our feedback questionnaires this summer. We appreciate your feedback and use it as the basis for continuous improvement and to ensure we deliver the best possible service in the future.

The ‘six-month journey’ questionnaire covers different aspects of the information, advice and guidance provided within the first six months of your Apprenticeship.

This includes feedback on the support you receive from your Career Coach, which was extremely positive, with comments such as:

The visits are helpful and good for planning the next steps of progression in the Apprenticeship.”

My visits are well organised, informative and help me to work on improving myself within my role.”

Visit more often! Love spending time with my Career Coach and receiving more work – I like to know how much progress I’m making.”

Professional, approachable and helpful.”

The Career Coaches are very structured and help me to understand what I need to do to help me progress further.”

There were a few issues flagged up relating to the online systems we use, which we have now addressed or are in the process of addressing, more details below:

  • 13% of learners did not find the OneFile e-portfolio that easy to use.

In response to this we have now created two ‘how-to guide videos’ which are available on the ‘resources’ section on OneFile. These two videos cover:

  1. How to check and understand your assessment plans
  2. How to upload evidence

We have also included a more in-depth session on OneFile on our Learner Induction sessions.

  • 21.8% of learners did not find the ForSkills functional skills system that easy to use.

In response to this we are currently trialling an alternative system to which we hope will be more user friendly for apprentices moving ahead. For current apprentices using the ForSkills system we have conducted more in-depth staff training to which this will be passed down to you to improve your understanding of the system.

If you have any more feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact Robbie Williams, our Workplace Development Manager at rw@theapprenticeacademy.co.uk.