Academy Coach and Trainer Wins ‘Top Influencer’ Award

Congratulations to Steve Colley! Our very own Housing and Property Management trainer and coach who has been recognised in the Property Management 50 (PM50) Awards 2020.

Steve was recognised with the ‘Influencer Award’ which demonstrates his passion and dedication to the property profession.

The PM50 Awards describe the ‘influencer’ category in the following way – ‘Our Influencers are making a difference in people’s lives as they progress through their careers, or advising us on what we need to know to stay up to date and current. We follow them on social media, hear from them at conferences and go to them with the issues we all face- they are truly stand-out examples who are leading the way.’

Steve is certainly making a difference in the lives of the apprentices he trains and supports. All his apprentices are learning about the Property industry and applying their knowledge into their daily working lives. The apprenticeship programme is an online learning journey which incorporates live interactive sessions with Steve as well many supporting learning resources. Topics covered include:

Housing regulation & legislation, landlord and tenancy law, property contracts, special provisions, the context of estates, diversity of communities, planning & asset management, problem solving & decision making, negotiation skills, project management and customer & stakeholder management.

‘Steve excels in all areas; receiving fantastic feedback from his learners. He deserves this award not only for his passion for mentoring and coaching, but for his contribution to the industry.’

You can learn more about the Apprentice Academy Property Management Apprenticeship here.