A Level Results Day: What’s next?

A level results day

The count down has started to the big day! Thursday August 16th is indeed A Level Results day. Thousands of young people will be heading back to their Schools or Colleges to find out those all important grades that will determine what’s next for them.

But as usual we at The Apprentice Academy reassuring you that it doesn’t have to be a huge scary ordeal and that you don’t have to panic. Obviously that’s much easier said than done but there’s one key thing you need to remember…. regardless of what results you get, what you expected or maybe not quite, you still have plenty of options ahead of you.

Now we’ve spoken here about why University might not be the right choice for some but it’s important to be aware of the different paths available to you regardless if you’ve made your decision or not on A Level results day. The world of Apprenticeships is vast, exciting and now much more respected and esteemed than it has ever been. Don’t believe us, then watch our video below to find out why Apprenticeships could be the best fit for you!

It’s also important to think about what type of Apprenticeship might be the best fit as they in fact come in all shapes and sizes! With The Apprentice Academy’s 3 main offerings being Apprenticeships in Business Administration, Accounts and Finance and Digital Marketing, there is no doubt an Apprenticeship to suit your needs. With over 80 Apprentices already places this summer here’s why these might be right for you. Check out the videos below!

Business Administration Apprenticeships

Accounting Apprenticeships

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

If you’re still feeling unsure then don’t stay quiet, ask someone for their advice. Talk to your teachers, family, friends or a careers advisor. There’s an Exam Results Helpline that you can call for free advice on your next steps and which path is best for you to take – the number is 0808 100 8000 and is free to call.

If you need any additional advice or would just like to talk about your options then get involved with our Twitter chat with any questions you want answering. Tweet us at @McrFutureTalent and we will help you out or call us on 0161 200 1673. You can also head over to our jobs page to see all of our roles for 16-18 year olds this summer.

Good luck and just remember that you should choose something that works for you and makes you happy! A Level results day is just one day, you’ve got plenty more ahead!

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