A great day for Apprenticeships in the North West and a BIG Day for future of all Apprenticeships in the UK

Potentially a big day today for Apprentices, not just for Apprenticeships providers in Manchester, like The Apprentice Academy but for the whole country as The Future Apprenticeships in England Implementation Plan is released.

So far the north west has done exceptionally well with the North West has been named the country’s leading region for apprenticeships, with almost 250,000 people having received training since 2010.

The government said 249,860 people have undergone Apprenticeship training during the period, making up more than a sixth of all the apprentices in England.Which is great news and something at The Apprentice Academy we are proud of, as our Apprentices complete their Apprenticeships with a much higher rate of satisfaction for both employees and employers than many other providers.

What’s good for Apprenticeships is good for the economy as overall, unemployment in the North West has fallen over the past three years, including a 1.7 per cent drop for the under 25s, with 3.2 million now employed in the region.

As Steve Corcoran, chairman of the Confederation of British Industry in the North West and chief executive of Speedy Hire says:

“While there is still some way to go before we can state that a sustainable recovery is fully in place, investment and employment decisions – including apprenticeship schemes – give a positive and encouraging outlook,” 

The findings come ahead of the launch of the Richard Review Implementation Plan later today (28 October 2013), a plan compiled by entrepreneur Doug Richard.

He has called on the government improve the quality of Apprenticeships and make them more focused on the needs of employers.

As Doug says:c “What we need to realise is that the vast majority of jobs that people will have 20 years from now don’t even exist today. The economy is changing at a dizzying pace and it is essential that we find more efficient ways for people to get skilled – or re-skilled – quickly.

It is a challenge that every country in the world faces. But by the same token, it is an excellent opportunity that is waiting to be grasped. If we use all the tools we have to rise to the challenge, we can make Britain a truly competitive economic force. Apprenticeships are not just one of these tools – they are one of the best.”

With Doug Richard at the helm, we wouldn’t be surprised that Apprenticeships and the numbers of employers recruiting Apprentices starts to rise even higher.

All the key themes and recommendations in the report are elements that The Apprentice Academy believe are centrally important to the future of Apprenticeships and new Apprenticeships like our new Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprenticeships.

We support the government’s plans for the future. With a hope that any changes are not too rapidly implemented, as this may well destroy the good work already done by the sector (especially in the North West.)