7 Great Reasons For Employers To Think Apprenticeships

The Apprentice Academy has been delivering apprenticeship programmes for over 15 years, and employers nationwide have seen the benefits of incorporating them into their learning and development strategies.

This article outlines 7 reasons how employers can benefit from using apprenticeships:

1- To Attract Staff

Apprenticeships are an attractive proposition for new staff. They provide structured training and fill gaps in knowledge and skill, which helps to increase performance and productivity. Within 15-18 months, employees increase their confidence, competence, and career capability. Not only that but many of the apprenticeships include valuable qualifications which help employers recruit new staff.

2- To Retain Staff

Apprenticeships are a really great way to retain staff. Most employees are keen to increase their career capability by gaining new knowledge, skills, and qualifications. There are now over 760 apprenticeships listed on the Institute for Apprenticeships website, which means there should be a learning option for most occupations.

3- To Increase Productivity

Apprentices, especially younger apprentices coming into their first roles, are perfectly placed to take lower-impact tasks off more experienced staff. This can create a more efficient productive working environment and allows managers to focus on higher-value activities. Once the skill level of the apprentice reaches a certain point, the cycle continues, and a new apprentice can be hired!

4- To Access Alternative Talent Pools from Different Sectors

Labour shortages are being widely reported throughout the UK. Apprenticeships help employers to attract and upskill employees from different industries and sectors to meet their recruitment needs. The structured development programmes provide the perfect training framework to build confidence and competence in a new occupation.

Birds on telephone, with one on its own, representing skills gaps

5 – To Reduce National Insurance Costs

All employees under the age of 25 years who are enrolled on apprenticeships are exempt from employers national insurance contributions whilst they are on an apprenticeship programme, which saves the employer 15.05%. You can find out more about the changes to NI, and how employers can use apprenticeships to minimise contributions here.

6- To Reduce Recruitment Costs

Training providers like The Apprentice Academy offer a range of recruitment services to help employers reduce the cost of finding new employees. Learn more about our recruitment services here.

7- To Ensure the Workforce has the Latest Skills and Knowledge For the Future.

The workplace is fast changing with employees needing to increase their digital and technical efficacy. Technology is advancing, with robotics, AI, VR, AR, Big Data, 3D printing and sustainable working practices becoming standard terminology. Many of the new apprenticeships incorporate this new learning which makes them the ideal way to upskill existing and new employees.

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