5 Great Leaders We Can Learn From


What does it take to be one of the great leaders? It’s a question we hear regularly. But really what does it take and who really knows? I suppose one way could be to look at those who have proven themselves to be significant and admirable in their leadership, but who?

We’ve pulled together 5 leaders from the past 100 or so years who we feel we can really learn something from! Watch the video now!

  1. Martin Luther King Jr.- An activist and leader in the Civil Rights Movement of USA. His use of non violence, courage and perseverance made him a true leader and global icon.
  2. Sir Alex Ferguson- Manager of Manchester United from 1986-2013. He adopted a no nonsense attitude which many respected leading him to win a staggering 38 trophies for the club.
  3. Emmeline Pankhurst- A  political activists and leader of the British suffragette movement. She was know for her militant and aggressive tactics. She was a crucial key to securing women’s rights to vote.
  4. Sir Winston Churchill- A legendary British Prime Minister who led the UK to victory in WWII. He was known for his fearlessness, determination and devotion to his goal.
  5. Malala Yousafzai- A survivor of a gunshot from the Taliban, she recovered and continued to campaign for a girl’s right to an education. She is passionate and incredibly dedicated.

So there you have it 5 great leaders who we can all learn from. The attributes shown by the 5 can all add certain aspects to anyone who needs to lead a team.

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