5 Key Tips For Exam Revision

The stresses of exam revision are something we here at The Apprentice Academy know too well about as well as  that preparing for your exam revision can be some of the most difficult times in your life with lots of pressures throughout. Adding to this the stress of the exam itself on top of revision, this time can be quite hard to manage.

As we’ve worked with schools and colleges around Greater Manchester for nearly 10 years we like to think we’ve got quite a lot of experience when it comes to exams and revision and the best ways to manage your workload. A key to this is to stay calm throughout and have a strong plan to help you work through exams period although that could be much easier said than done when it comes to revision.

So to help you with this we’ve put together a list of what we feel are the top 5 tips to help with your exam revision. Watch it below!

5 Key Tips for Exam Revision

  1. Start early. This will give you a head start and give you plenty of time to revise areas of improvement.
  2. Make a revision timetable with short breaks every 30 minutes or so. This will help with concentration and help manage your workload before exams.
  3. Create your own summary notes to revise this is a great way to review and memorise lots of info prior to the exam.
  4. Complete lots of past papers. This can help you familiarise yourself with how typical questions are presented in exams.
  5. Look after yourself. Ensure you get plenty of rest, eat and drink lots of fruit and water and most importantly stay positive. These can help you keep focus, energy levels and deal with pressure.

At the end of the day exams and how much exam revision you do doesn’t always determine your success in life however it is very important to but your all into everything you do. Our Apprentices wouldn’t have got to the positions they’re in today with some of the best companies in Greater Manchester such as; BrotherUK, Network Rail and Dentsu Aegis if they hadn’t tried their hardest in their exams regardless of the outcome.

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