Who We Work With

The Apprentice Academy works with organisations from a range of sectors across the North West and throughout the UK, supporting their workforce development needs.

Below is a sample of some of the larger organisations we run apprenticeship programmes for:

Collage of employers we work with


Below are a variety of testimonials with more detail on how we assist both employers and individuals with their training process:

“My favourite thing about my apprenticeship has to be my assessor visits, it’s amazing how experienced she is. She doesn’t just clarify my doubts, she mentors me and definitely inspires me!” – Javier Rondon, OneFile

“Having the opportunity to work with and shape a talented young person in the earliest stages of their career, was a very attractive proposition. I’ve been convinced of the value apprentices bring to a busy and ambitious legal practice, as have all the other senior partners.” – Mark Higgins, Ralli Solicitors

“By joining as an apprentice, Annesa has learnt the ropes from the ground up and she’s been a real asset to the business.” Susanna Lawson, OneFile

“The relationship between the apprentices and the coaches is great, and it is a real comfort to know how much support is available.” – Lindsay Aspinall, Symatrix

“I’ve had incredible support from my managers, team and HR advisors as well as my coach, Janet and everyone The Apprentice Academy.” – Ellie Lockwood, Key Travel

“I really enjoyed the session you delivered for managers – all of the managers in the room now have a broader awareness of how Apprenticeships work. Thanks!” – Laura Walsh, Gazprom

“We have had a brilliant and positive experience in integrating Apprentices into our team from The Apprentice Academy.” – Will Jarvis, My Accountancy Place

“Andy gives you the support you need to complete evidence and exams to a high standard, giving you the opportunity to succeed in AAT and the apprenticeship standard.” – Nathan Peploe, Network Rail

“The partnership that we have created with The Apprentice Academy is so valuable in helping us to achieve our corporate aims and objectives, to provide employment opportunities to local young people.” – Emma Entwistle, S&G Response

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