Social Value & Giving Back

The Apprentice Academy employs an amazing team of people dedicated to the education of others. Although apprenticeships are at the heart of our business, we also engage in other education and enterprise activities to help others in our community and beyond.

In 2022 the Apprentice Academy (TAA) made a total contribution of £64,802 to support social value projects. Details of the projects are below.


  • With the support from TAA employees, we paid for 50 school children aged 6-16 to receive full time education in the Gambia, Africa.
  • Funded a local bakery to be built in the Gambia to create local employment and support sustainability.


  • Sponsored a variety of youth sports projects including Ardwick football club, climbing, boxing and tennis coaching for young people aged 8-18 in Manchester.
  • Sponsored youth music projects and events in inner city Manchester working with 10 young people, which resulted in them performing live at a PIE Radio event and a further 8 young people in Oldham being enrolled on a programme called Beatz and Eatz.
  • Funded 2 foodbanks making 150 meals each week during COVID.
  • Supported the elderly in Manchester by providing pet therapy services to 5 care homes.
  • Funded the opening of a community café in Oldham, to create employment and skills training for young people in the area.


  • Reduced carbon emissions by 85% of TAA staff working fully remote with 15% working some days from home.

Picture from The Apprentice Academy trip to Gambia

If you’d like to find out more about some of the community projects, please visit, which is a Community Interest Company, set up by The Apprentice Academy to support young people in Greater Manchester.