Community Projects

One Mile Project, is a programme delivered by The Apprentice Academy and its sister company YP Potential, focusing on supporting businesses to build their brand through sponsored social responsibility and community projects.

One Mile Project specifically works with businesses to create, deliver and share branded projects which help them to connect with communities and build their brand across a number of channels. A unique feature, is many of our projects are delivered within one mile of the sponsor enabling them to feel highly connected, visiting the project to witness first-hand the impact of their sponsorship.

The programme offers a range of projects from sports clubs to motivational school initiatives, to fully bespoke programmes to meet the individual needs of businesses we work with aligning with values or mission. This could range from internet safety for a tech company, to financial literacy for a financial services company. Many of our projects are focused on young people and communities, working closely with young people who may face financial barriers to accessing opportunities.

If you you’d like to discuss how you can support a community project near you or if you’re a project looking for support, please call us on 0161 200 1673 or email