Future Talent (16-18) Programme

At a time when finding and retaining the right skills and talent is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses, Apprenticeships are leading the way in tackling skills shortages, adding fresh new talent to teams and driving up productivity.

Recruiting, developing and retaining your own apprenticeship talent has many benefits including:

  • Building a future talent pipeline.
  • Adding new skills and fresh ideas.
  • Transferring skills.
  • Growing a dedicated and loyal future workforce.
  • Creating a positive company culture.
  • Keeping recruitment costs down by growing your team.

With only 18% of A-level students currently considering apprenticeships, attracting and recruiting future talent requires a different approach.

At The Apprentice Academy, we want to ensure employers across Manchester have access to the talent that they need well in advance. That’s why we have developed the Future Talent Programme — an apprenticeship programme targeting school and college leavers that enables employers to gain an edge on the competition by gaining early access to students looking for an alternative to university.