Leadership & Management

Research shows a direct correlation between a business’s performance and the capability of its management team.


Here at the Apprentice Academy we support managers and leaders to achieve their full potential from first line management to senior management level.

We provide a range of qualifications and services to support all the skill development needs of managers.


Our latest funded options include the Level 3 Diploma in Management and the Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership.

As part of the Diploma programme leaders and managers can attend our How to… workshops which include:

  • How to manage, motivate and engage
  • How to manage performance
  • How to communicate and present with confidence
  • How to influence, persuade and negotiate
  • How to manage conflict in the workplace
  • How to solve problems and make decisions
  • How to adapt, develop agility and manage change
  • How to organise, plan and manage projects
  • How to manage finance and budgets
  • How to promote and implement equality and diversity in the workplace
  • How to develop emotional intelligence, mindfulness and empathy
  • How to recruit, select and induct new employees
  • How to manage grievances and disciplinaries
  • How to plan strategy and manage risk
  • How to design effective business processes
  • How to develop and manage collaborative relationships with other organisations

Managers may also want develop their coaching and mentoring skills and start the ILM Level 3 Coaching Award or Certificate with us.

Coaching is a key management tool and is a powerful catalyst for change. Managers with good coaching skills have the power to drive performance, facilitate personal growth and unlock an individual’s true potential.

If you would like more information on any of these services please call us on 0161 200 1673.