Employer FAQ’s

1. What do I pay an apprentice?

The minimum statutory hourly rate to employ an apprentice is £3.40. As a guideline this is paid to the apprentice for the first 12 months of the Apprenticeship. The Apprentice Academy recommend a minimum starting salary of £7,635 for the first year of employment. The average starting salary paid by The Apprentice Academy employers in 2015 was £8,292.

2. Can I pay them more salary or commission or bonuses?


3. How do I pay them?

They are paid via your normal payroll processes.

4. Do I pay Employers National Insurance for apprentices?

Employers no longer have to make National Insurance contributions for apprentices under the age of 25.

5. Am I eligible to receive any government grants?

Employers in Greater Manchester with up to 250 employees are eligible to receive up to £1500 cash back grants for each apprentice they employ (with a maximum of three grants per business). The grants start at £1500 per apprentice but there is an additional incentive of £1000 for an Advanced or Higher Apprenticeship that the apprentice progresses onto.

6. How long does the Apprenticeship take to complete?

The minimum is one year but most high quality Apprenticeships will take longer – up to four years.

7. How many hours can they work?

An apprentice can work a minimum of 30 hours up to a maximum of 40 hours per week. They cannot work more than 8 hours per day.

8. Can they work weekends or bank holidays?

Yes they can as long as the total working week is not more than 40 hours.

9. What holidays are they entitled to?

The same as the rest of your employees.

10. Do I need to give them a contract of employment?

Yes they are employed by you and will need a contract.

11. How much time will they need off?

Apprentices attend workshops at The Academy once a month for additional training. They may also need to attend extra sessions for functional skills (Maths, English, ICT) if they require extra support.

12. Will I need to spend time with them?

Its important that you give your apprentice regular feedback so they can learn how to develop new skills on the job. Your apprentice will also need to spend up to two hour per week working on project work in the workplace as part of their Apprenticeship.

13. How many times will Academy staff come to my offices?

The Academy staff will attend your offices once before the apprentice starts, to complete a health and safety check. After this, one of our Career Coaches will meet with your apprentice once a month to coach and assess them in the work place.

14. How quickly will my apprentice be up to speed?

The Apprentice Academy services are designed to ensure that your apprentice is adding value within 8 magic weeks.

15. What happens if it isn’t working out?

The apprentice is like any other employee and needs to comply with all your own internal working standards. You are not required to keep them if it is not working. However the Academy offer a full account management service to ensure that you are fully supported throughout the Apprenticeship journey.

16, What happens at the end?

Once your apprentice has finished the Development Programme they will have officially completed the Apprenticeship. You will then have the choice of extending the programme to include more training, alternatively you can offer them a full time job, or they can leave the business with at least 1 years work experience under their belt. Most apprentices stay with their employers after they complete the Apprenticeship because they are now adding significant value and have become committed and productive employees.