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Congrats to Georgia Smyth who has won – The Outstanding Achievement of the Month.

We here at The Apprentice Academy love all of our Manchester Apprentices; they make a huge difference to the employers who recruit them. They add value and do some amazing work. We know this as our customers tell us every month. What we then do is highlight with an award when one of our Apprentices goes beyond the call of duty and does something truly outstanding.

BCL Legal see the benefit from hiring apprentices and recruit two more

BCL Legal, one of Manchester’s great legal recruitment companies, are adding to their staff with two more Apprentices. We here at The Apprentice Academy love stories like this. It proves again and again that not only is Manchester a great place to be, but that Greater Manchester apprentices are loved by the people and companies they work for.

Apprentice Wages to rise by October 2013

Following advice from the Low Pay Commission (LPC), the government has announced a rise in the national minimum wage for apprentices from 1st October 2013. The LPC recommended that the rate for apprentices should be frozen at £2.65 an hour. However, this was rejected by the government and the apprentice wage will rise by 3p an hour to £2.68.

Employers in England rate qualified apprentices 15% more employable than those with other qualifications

ICM Research recently conducted an ad-hoc survey on behalf of the National Apprenticeship Service.
They interviewed 500 people in England who have a decision making role in recruitment. The research took place in February 2013 and employers were asked to rate the employability of people with different qualifications on a scale of 1-10.