About Apprenticeships

The professional, business and finance sector employs 250,000 people in Manchester and is expected to grow by 20% by 2020. The demand for people with the right skills and attitudes will be high which means that developing a career with prospects is almost guaranteed.

There’s never been a better time to start an Apprenticeship. Along with significant government investment, almost half (44%) of businesses in the country plan to take on an apprentice in the next five years to help address their skills gaps.

An Apprenticeship can give ambitious schools leavers the springboard to get ahead in the job market. You can gain the necessary skills, expertise and qualifications you need to succeed in your chosen career. It is a real alternative to university, and unlike undergraduates who will be coming out of university with massive debt – you’ll be debt and stress free!


Still thinking about it? Here are 10 great reasons to choose an Apprenticeship:

  1. You learn while you earn a full time salary.
  2. You don’t pay tuition fees and will have no student loans to pay back.
  3. More and more employers are creating new apprentice roles rather than graduate roles.
  4. It gives you a fast track route into a professional career in a growing industry sector.
  5. You receive a combination of formal off site training and on site coaching.
  6. You’ll work alongside experienced staff to learn new skills and knowledge.
  7. What you learn will be highly relevant to the job you will be doing.
  8. You will learn lots of transferable skills that will enable you to move into other roles
  9. You gain an industry-recognised qualification.
  10. You’ll quickly become an essential member of the team and become highly employable!