Inspiring Young People

In 2015, The Apprentice Academy set up a social enterprise called YP Potential to broaden our reach and work on other types of inspiring projects with young people in Greater Manchester.

YP Potential is a social enterprise specialising in ‘young people potential’, working with young people in education (14 to 18) and ‘post education’ when entering employment. YP also works with employers to increase and improve engagement with the new generation of workers and drive up skills; by inspiring and motivating young people to achieve their full potential.

YP Potential’s Aims

  • Inspire and support young people to achieve their potential.
  • Support employers to tackle skills gaps by raising awareness of future careers paths in education.
  • Support employers to engage and develop their future workforce.

YP Potential offers two core services:

1. Be Your Potential

Be Your Potential is a programme which supports young people to achieve success. The programme focuses on three areas:

  • Inspiration through role models and career videos called Career Journey.
  • Wellbeing education including mental health and nutrition.
  • Development of life skills.

2. Tomorrow’s Talent

Our Tomorrow’s Talent project connects employers with local schools/colleges to help develop your ‘future talent’ pipeline, as well as inspiring and motivating students.

Branded Career Videos

YP can help you attract best talent support by producing a video that focuses on the wider roles within your business. These videos are a valuable tool for building your brand within education, both from a social responsibility perspective along with your future talent pipeline.

Consultancy Services

  • Talent Scout – a recruitment service to help you attract future talent from local schools/colleges.
  • Education to Workplace Transition – an on-boarding service that helps you manage a young person’s transition from being a student to life in the workplace.
  • Employer Training – a series of employer workshops which provide skills and knowledge to managers of young people.
  • Apprenticeship Consulting – support and guidance on the changes to Apprenticeships including the Apprenticeship Levy, reforms and new standards.