Community Projects

The Apprentice Academy cares passionately about Manchester and its young people. And that’s why we run an outreach project called One Mile Project, a non-for-profit community engagement programme which connects local businesses with young people within the communities they operate, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Through sponsorship, One Mile Project creates, co-ordinates and delivers affordable social responsibility schemes for employer partners in Manchester, enabling partners to make a positive difference at a local level. The projects are primarily focused on programmes which get young people active. To date this includes football and skateboarding; in 2017 this will be expanded to running, BMX, swimming, track cycling, dance, netball, rugby and climbing.


To enable young people to participate in sports and outdoor activities they may not normally have access to due to financial barriers or accessibility.

Young People Mission

  • Support young people to be active and improve physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Improve confidence and develop positive behaviours by improving self esteem.
  • Help young people to develop a regular, lifelong sporting habit.
  • Connect young people from different communities and backgrounds through sports.

Partner Mission

  • Support businesses to get involved in solving local social challenges in an affordable way.
  • Help partners build a positive brand image through corporate social responsibility.


  • Engage at least 500 young people into sport in 2017.
  • Deliver 10 types of activities in 2017 including running club, BMX, skateboarding, swimming, track cycling, dance, netball, football, rugby and climbing.
  • Engage with 100 employer partners.

How does the One Mile Project work?

We connect businesses in Manchester with local schools and community groups less than one mile from their location.

With financial sponsorship from these businesses we facilitate regular physical activity projects for the young people. 90% of funding goes directly into the actual activities making best use of funding, with 10% towards setting up and coordinating the projects. The activities are delivered as weekly after-school sessions for ages 8 to 16 years old, free of charge to both schools and students, so everyone has chance to take part.

Take a look at some of our projects:

Ardwick FC

This is the project for Ardwick FC more information to follow… this uses the Community tag!